1/4 Youth Wood Arrows - 6 Pack
1/4 Youth Wood Arrows - 6 Pack

1/4 Youth Wood Arrows - 6 Pack

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Quality 1/4" Youth Wood Arrows

Our 1/4" youth wood arrows come with white snap nocks and they're fletched with three 3" feathers. On our 1/4" youth arrows we glue on true traditional 1/4" field points with sharp tips. They can be used in bows up to 25 lbs and they fly like darts out of our youth bows.

Kustom King 1/4" youth wood arrows are all cut at 24" to the back of the point and the field points are installed. Sold by the 1/2 dozen. (6-ea)

Note: These are real arrows with sharp points. They are not toys. Adult supervision is always required when kids are shooting bow and arrows.

  • 1/4" Youth Wood Arrows
  • Suitable for bows up to 25#
  • Sold by the 6-pack
  • Available in: 24" only
  • Adult supervision required
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