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Classic Carbon Arrows - 6 Pack

Classic Carbon Arrows - 6 Pack

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The Classic Carbon Arrow is for the hunter who requires high quality American made equipment. The shafts are made from a higher quality carbon compared to all other shafts. Plus, they're designed, machined, tooled, and assembled in Topeka, Kansas, the heartland of America!

We 3-fletch these quality arrows with 5" Shield cut TrueFlight turkey feathers. The hen feathers are orange or red (same per pack), and the cock feather is either white or traditional barred (same per pack). Features an inside diameter of .246". The arrows are cut to 29½" with white Bohning signature nocks installed. 15 grain aluminum inserts are included.

  • Available in 500, 400, and 330.
  • 500 spine has solid white cock feather
  • 125 grain field points included
  • Sold by the 6-pack.

Spine Selection Guide:

  • 330 - for Draw Weights of 60+
  • 400 - for Draw Weights of 50-55
  • 500 - for Draw Weights of 25-45

High Plains Hunter Parallel Carbon Shafting Specifics

Spine Point GPI Length Insert Nock Carbon 
500 5/16" 6.5 30" 14gr Signature L --
400 5/16" 7.2 30" 14gr Signature B B
330 5/16" 8.6 30" 14gr Signature C




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