Elven Army Bow
Elven Army Bow
Elven Army Bow
Elven Army Bow
Elven Army Bow
Elven Army Bow
Elven Army Bow
Elven Army Bow
Elven Army Bow
Elven Army Bow

Elven Army Bow

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Inspired by the elves of the J.R.R. Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings movies, the Elven Army Bow was designed to capture the powerful yet beautiful bows that would have been carried by Elves. This is a very versatile bow, can be easily slung over your back to allow you to navigate through the woods and hills. Then simply pull back and take aim at your target. The Elven Army Bow is a uniquely handcrafted bow with beautiful golden artwork to truly capture the essence of the elves and the power of a fully functional longbow. Each bow has a leather dark brown stain and painted with gold accents. If you wish, your name can be painted below the banner as well.

Once you pull back the string and release an arrow, you will know the power of the Elves!

Draw Weights Recommendations for LARP and COSPLAY: 25-30 Draw Weight


  • Bow
  • String
  • Bow Instructions
  • Warranty
  • Certificate of Authenticity


  • Length -Approx 72" tip to tip
  • Bow Wood - Hickory
  • Backing - None
  • Bow Type - Longbow
  • Stain - Leather Dark Brown


  • If you pull the string with your RIGHT hand you need a RIGHT hand arrow rest
  • If you pull the string with your LEFT hand you need a LEFT hand arrow rest
  • Uni-Grip means you can shoot off either side of the bow off your hand


  • Take your height in inches and divide by 2.5 and round down to the next draw length
  • Example: 6' Tall = 72"/2.5 = 28.8" Draw Length or 28.5"


  • All our draw weights are at 28"
  • Use the chart below to pick the right draw weight for you
  • Example:
    • Your draw weight is 45@27 - Then you want a 45-50@28
    • Your Draw weight is 55@29 - Then you want a 50-55@28