Titebond III Waterproof Bow Backing Glue

Titebond III Waterproof Bow Backing Glue

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Ever needed an easy to use wood glue that was waterproof? Titebond III is the answer! It's the first waterproof wood glue we've ever offered that wasn't a two-part epoxy. Ideal for hickory backing, sinew, and even rawhide backing your bows. We've even heard of canoe paddles being glued up with Titebond III! How's that for waterproof?

Titebond III has no health issues, doesn't require the use of gloves and cleans up with water. It's significantly less expensive than polyurethane glues and offers similar coverage rates. Sound's like the perfect wood glue doesn't it?

We think so too, try some today.

  • Waterproof
  • No mixing
  • Water clean up
  • Use for backing or gluing up wood bows
  • 8 ounce bottle

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